Bed Edges


One of the first things in the landscape that my eyes are drawn to during the off-season are bed edges.  Not too many people are thinking about landscaping during early-February around North Carolina.  Even Tall Fescue while green is somewhat sad to look at as it hunkers down tight to the earth like George Castanza fresh out of the pool.  Despite the fact that most of your plant matter is dormant and playing it conservative this time of year, that doesn’t mean that the garden areas shouldn’t look in order.  A lot of people think that you have to use one of those fancy bed edgers to make a plant bed look right.  This is just not true.  Plant beds were looking nice way before this machine ever came onto the scene.  All you need is a traditional edger, a blower, and a shovel to totally overhaul your edges.

Here is your step by step guide:
  1. As time wears on it gets hard to tell where your plant bed starts and where it stops.  Simply use your edger to define where you want the edge of your beds to exist.  I usually fudge this line out into your grassy areas just a little bit to envelope any bare spots into the plant bed, thus causing them to disappear.  This is sort of like free drawing with a pencil except it is really big and has a gas-powered engine on it.
  2. Once you’ve cut your edges, simply take a shovel (this method is faster with a traditional shovel moving along the line, but it might come out more clean looking with a flat shovel used to cut directly perpendicular to the line).  What you want to do is cut an angle from about 4″ inside the bed back into that little line that you’ve made with your edger.  This creates a nice little trench for your mulch or pine straw to fall back into.
  3. If you are using Pine Straw, make sure to let the straw spill over about 8″ past your trench into the grass.  It will look nasty at first but the magic happens with your blower.  Come back along the border with your blower and massage that straw back into your trench.  When your done, you’ll have a nice professional looking edge that you can be excited about, even if most of the things in your plant bed are half-asleep!
If this doesn’t sound like fun afternoon to you.  We’ll be glad to provide the service and install your Mulch and Pine Straw.  Thanks for reading!

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