beautiful fall landscape

beautiful fall landscape

Welcome Fall to Raleigh, NC! There’s nothing like the cool breeze and the smell of leaves blowing in the air to remind us of the beauty of creation. The cycle of life that we see in the landscape is incredible. The trees are starting to look bare, but we know that the spring will come and renew all of those bare branches and that everything will surge back to life again come March and April.

Landscaping to me is a re-ordering of that which has already been ordered. Something seems to have placed this world here, but it seems that it was left in progress, as if someone is supposed to carry on the work that “is” this world.

Humans for some reason have this innate desire to take the world as it is and make it something different. Most of the time, this is a good thing. In the world of landscape, we have the ability to order water, rocks, and plants to create something beautiful. It is a great honor and a whole lot of fun. As a project completes and you stand back and admire that which has been accomplished, it brings an ancient phrase to mind.

”and it was good.”

Go re-order something in your landscape today! If you don’t have a landscape, borrow your neighbors!

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