Imagine driving home from work with your kids in the back seat screaming their head off!  It’s early fall and you arrive home to a world of task lists yearning for check marks.  You know there are dishes in the sink, laundry in the dryer and your spouse is running late.  Someone is about to lose their mind!  Your kids run ahead of you into the house and you stop on the porch to breath a sigh of relief.  The sun is just now setting down the street and you suddenly notice something is different.  Your Tall Fescue Grass is standing proud and evenly clipped at 4.0 inches.  There isn’t a leaf on it despite the large oak tree standing in glory 100 feet above your piece of the earth.  The green is deep, and yet soft as if it were inviting you to lay down and forget the world.  Amidst the chaos and clutter of today and without your lifting of even a finger, your landscape maintenance has simply happened.  It just went off, as if it were built into the very cogs of your life.

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