Fun in the snow….not for all

Greetings SledGod!

Greetings SledGod!

In central North Carolina, everyone loves a good snow.  Well, almost everyone.  While carting my mother up to the local Kinko’s a few days ago. I noticed several other landscaping companies out spreading salt and shoveling ice.  I thought to myself that this could be me one day, but quickly vanquished the horrifying thought.  As a young boy, I grew up at our local RDU International airport slinging bags and mail in the cryptic underbellies of DC-9’s and 737’s.  This was an exciting time for a 15 year old kid, but I  remember my father’s disgust of constantly having to fill in for employees who wouldn’t show up for work.  His least favorite thing was de-icing airplanes.  When Raleigh would receive a rare snow or ice-storm, there was no time to play with the kids as he was off to the airport before the sun would rise.  I suppose it’s like that for some landscapers as well.

For now, T1 Earthcare will enjoy it’s snow days. It’s going to take some serious money, to get a Raleigh landscaper into the snow removal biz.  It’s tough to put a price on “not sledding”.

Enjoy the weather folks!

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