Green or Gimmick?

I’ve been asking myself this question left and right over the past two years or so.  It seems that every business on the face of the planet has decided that it can’t operate unless it boasts some sort of “Green” product or service.

So what is wrong with this?  Well, I suppose I would be the devil if I tried to say that there is something wrong with being green or earth friendly.  Of course there is nothing wrong with it, I just get the feeling from a lot of these companies that I’m the target of their gimmicking.  I feel like I’m being taken for a fool when certain entities try to tell me that I should use them because they are now recycling paper.  Are they serious?  We’ve been recycling paper since I was in middle school people!  This isn’t something anybody should be too proud of.  It’s kind of like a 40 year old man on a first date, boasting that he now manages the hygiene of his own rear end.

Let me pick on an entity that can probably handle the criticism.  I just read through Ebay’s Green Team website.  You can visit that here.  They even go so far as to say the purchase of used handbags over the past few years is equal to planting 2 million trees!  Wow!  Is it really?  Perhaps what “it” really is, is the tipping point that a 20 year old Gucci-eyed college girl needs to get a great deal on a real Gucci purse that she really doesn’t need.  Come on Ebay, we know your heart isn’t in the tree planting offset and we know that as a business entity, you probably don’t care that much.  What you might care about a little more is that your website hosted 8.5 Billion dollars in sales last year.  I wonder how much of that was encouraged by this Green Team thing?

The reason I mention this is because we at T1 Earthcare make our living amongst the green things that only divinity could make.  What could be more relevant among this new culture than planting trees and mowing grass?

I’ve had some people ask me about our earth friendliness or how green we are.  The truth is that we are banging our heads against the wall trying to figure this out.  T1 Earthcare will be testing at least one site in 2009 with a more green approach to lawn care.  My opinion is that there remains to be no easy alternative to the existing methods of producing a beautiful and weed-free lawn.  There is also not a lot of validity to the claim that our current methods and products are all that detrimental to people or the environment when applied and used properly.  Sure, if you run a greenhouse and let your dogs sleep under your herbicide storage shed, that will very likely shorten their life.  So the lesson is, “don’t let your kids sleep where you keep your Clorox!”

Look forward to future posts regarding some of the “organic” methods to lawn-maintenance that are being adopted (mostly by home-owners) here in the United States.  I haven’t found a landscaper yet that provides these services exclusively up to this point.  Be aware that there are many organic products popping up for your lawn, the question remains, “Is this really Green, or just Gimmick?”

Thanks for reading.

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