Lawn Revitalization

Got some time on your hands? So do we. We can renovate your lawn without the use of sod to save you money. It just may take a couple of growing seasons to whip it back into shape.

Do you want a new lawn NOW? Sod is the answer, and we can give you the instant lawn for a reasonable price ASAP!

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FAQs about sod installation

Q: Will weeds pop up after the the installation?
A: Probably. This depends a lot on the season and how weedy your yard was before the installations. After tilling your entire yard to pieces, there will be some weed seeds that survive and find themselves placed perfectly on top of the soil between your sod and the sunlight. This is especially true for summer installations as there are more annual weeds popping up at this time. The seams of your new sod are the most likely spots to see this happen. We do place pre-emergence out before summer applications to stop crabgrass, but other broadleaf weeds could break through. Not to worry, these are easy to deal with. Ask us about a maintenance programs to deal with nutsedge or broadleaf weeds.

Q: Will my sod seams separate and leave gaps between pieces.
A: In a few places, yes, but they shouldn’t separate more than ¾”. Your warm season grasses will pretty quickly (within one-month) fill in these gaps, and then you won’t every notice them again.

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