Beautiful Landscaping at Affordable Prices

Landscape designs and installations are OUR FAVORITE! We love doing it and can’t wait to get to work. From water features, to unique plantings, patios, and more, we hope that you’ll give us the chance to put our imagination to work in your backyard!

How do we start the process? Just give us a call at 919.342-6979, or fill at this form and we’ll schedule a time to meet and hear all about your dream landscape.

Sample Work


A Curb Appeal Garden

A Before Shot after demolition

After Shot of The Project







This front yard was well overgrown and our client wanted a fresh look that didn’t hide the house and would require very little pruning maintenance.  We also wanted to provide a semblance that the landscape was level across the front of the house and so a reinforced stacked stone wall did the trick and more.  See the before/after pics as well as a short video clip which encompasses the entire view.




A Japanese Garden

This a picture of our lead designer and foreman Bryson marveling at his work. No, I didn't have to ask him to stand that way. This is one of his normal poses.

















The Gurgling Rock: This water feature includes a boulder drilled to accept a 3/4" hose that constantly recirculates water from a hidden underground reservoir. The piece is fairly subtle and provides a soothing sensation for the garden's visitors.



This water feature was done with relatively low cost and for a water feature.  It includes a boulder drilled out to accommodate a 3/4″ hose that can continuously circulate water that spills off the rock face and back into an underground reservoir.  The distance between this and the bench that you see in the background creates just the right amount of water noise to soothe, yet still allow conversation at a normal volume.