T1’s Halloween Garden wins first place at the NC State Fair!

Heddou's Shanty, First Place NC State Fair Garden

Heddou's Shanty

Back in March when we first drew the Halloween theme for the 2010 NC State Fair Garden Competition, I was  a little skeptical.  I couldn’t quite imagine where this theme could take us.  Luckily, the guy spearheading the project design was Bryson Trexler, our on staff Horticulturalist and Landscape Designer.  From a voodoo potman named Heddou Marco (framed up with rebar and dressed with black landscaping pots) to tribal skulls with Tongue ferns coming out of the mouth, he really conceived a tremendous outcome right from the beginning.  As things began to shape up in the week prior to the fair, it went from just a fun publicity project, to a competition that we might actually win.  And win we did by scoring 96 out of 100 to edge the 12 time champions by one point.  It was a great project and a lot of fun.  Check the gallery for additional photos, and let us know if you’d like a spooky scary hideaway right in your own backyard!

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